Static Security


Static Security



What is Static Security?



A Static guard is based and roams internally within the premises to be guarded for the whole of his duty period.


As opposed to Mobile guards who are provided with a vehicle and drive from unit to unit and usually check out the external security of a site IE. doors are locked windows fastened no windows have been broken etc.



Our Static Security


Staffordshire Security Services delivers security officers that guarantees quality. All static and corporate security guards have received training based on tried and tested police an military services surveillance techniques. Using these proven surveillance techniques result in your company experiencing reduced problem incidents and a lower cost for your property ownership. Whether manned or static we can provide the security solution for you and with one of the best and most reliable quotes within the UK.


About Staffordshire


Staffordshire, located in the midlands of England Hosts the cities of Stoke On Trent, Lichfield, Wolverhampton, Walsall and West Bromwich. Staffordshire was established as a county as of 1889. Staffordshire has a total population of just under 500,000 as of 2016.